The 2016 Chevrolet Camaro SS Coupe comes equipped with a 6.2-liter V-8 that makes 455 hp @ 6000 rpm and 455 lb.-ft. @ 4400 rpm of torque. The rear seats? It all goes to prove that there is no shame in shopping in the corporate parts bin when that bin contains excellent parts. The 2016 Chevrolet Camaro SS is one of the finest driver’s cars in the world, but what was it like to live with one for a year? Chevrolet. At 455 horsepower and 455 lb-ft of torque, the Camaro SS’s 6.2-liter small-block produces 20 more horses and 55 lb-ft more thrust than does the GT’s 5.0-liter. Learn why the Camaro SS earns the title of the fastest, most powerful Camaro SS ever. Specific sick burnout numbers are not yet available, but computer models suggest bitchin’ levels in the high 69s. Produced by automobile manufacturer Chevrolet, it was first introduced to the public on May 16, 2015.Sales started in 2015 for the 2016 model year. Chevy also offers this fun fact in their press release: FAST FACT: The 2016 Camaro 2.0L Turbo’s 275 horsepower rating matches the output of the 1993-1995 Camaro Z28’s 5.7L V-8 – and offers comparable acceleration performance. It’s not the muscle-bound brute some might be expecting and that its body might suggest—it’s a fully modern sports coupe. Watch Bruce Springsteen's Super Bowl Ad for Jeep, GM's Part of Why Norway Is Beating the U.S. in EVs, Volvo May Hand Out $2M in Cars at Super Bowl, 2016 Chevrolet Camaro SS Long-Term Road Test, 2016 Chevrolet Camaro SS vs. 2015 Ford Mustang GT, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, Tested: 2021 Bugatti Chiron Sport Shatters Records, Tested: 2020 Porsche Taycan 4S Is for Drivers, Tested: 2021 Mustang Mach-E Lives up to the Hype, Tested: 2021 BMW 530e Gains an Extra Hybrid Boost, Tested: Mazda 6 Turbo Remains a Winning Package, Tested: Genesis GV80 2.5T Has a Powerful Four, Tested: Audi RS7 Gets Caught in a Sibling Rivalry, Tested: 2021 BMW 430i Deserves a Better Chassis, 2007 Mazda MX-5 Power Hardtop Grand Touring. Here, look: The V8 will also pull 0.97Gs of cornering grip and do the quarter mile in 12.3 seconds, both of which are impressive numbers. Thankfully, Chevy’s infotainment system is easy to navigate through the eight-inch touch screen. We may earn money from the links on this page. Oh, it’s a handsome enough thing, in a cartoonish, Transformers sort of way. 2016 Chevrolet Camaro 2SS 2dr Coupe. The eight-speed automatic is a pretty spectacular piece of work, and that’s coming from the Save the Manuals people. Our car experts choose every product we feature. As in the Porsche 911, they are simply upholstered shelves. Adjust your mirrors carefully. It makes it through the quarter-mile in 12.3 seconds, close to a second quicker than the Mustang GT. RF4 tires) with an automatic. It helps that, at 3760 pounds, this new car is about 100 pounds more trim than a similarly equipped fifth-generation car. Body motions—roll, pitch, and squat—are all tightly controlled. Those tires, Goodyear Eagle F1s, helped the car deliver an impressive 0.98 g of lateral grip on the skidpad. The mix of interior materials, while not exactly Mercedes-level, are nonetheless a marked improvement on those of the old car. Camaro SS 0-60, quarter mile, specs. 6.2L LT1 V8 ENGINE The star of the Chevrolet performance lineup, the 6.2L LT1 V8 with the capability of 455 horsepower and 455 lb.-ft. of torque, will accelerate the 8-speed automatic Camaro SS … That’s a shorter stop than we’ve recorded for at least a couple iterations of the current Porsche 911. Annual Mileage. Speed vs RPM graph. The interior of the Ford Mustang feels ballroom-spacious by comparison. Since 0-60 time has been considered the golden standard of cars' performance, let's put Camaro face to face with the rivals by analyzing 0 to 60 mph, 60 to 80 mph and a quarter mile acceleration data. 0-60 mph. It even responds quickly to paddle-activated manual shifts. It’s a tidier package overall, losing a couple of inches of wheelbase and length and an inch of width compared with the outgoing car. 4.5 seconds. The car takes 6.5 seconds to reach 60 MPH from a standstill while it is able to run a quarter-mile in 15 seconds. The infotainment screen’s surround and the instrument-binnacle trim are hard and chintzy, but who ever taps on those things, other than us? 2016 Camaro SS delivers 0-60 acceleration in 4.0 seconds; 0.97 g cornering grip General Motors September 14, 2015. But enough of that. We adjusted to it, partly by accelerating hard before performing lane changes just to clear some room. The Camaro’s engine is tuned to let out a brief bawl on full-throttle upshifts, which, it must be said, are exactly as firm as we’d like.

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